Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small devices that you can wear behind or in your ear. Hearing aids are electronic and can help a person with hearing loss listen more easily, so they are able to efficiently communicate and join in on every day activities.  Hearing aids help people hear better in both noisy and quiet scenarios. Hearing aids can help people with most types of hearing loss including sensorineural (affecting the inner ear), conductive (affecting the middle ear), and mixed.

Getting a hearing aid can be a big adjustment. Hearing aids improve your hearing loss, so it will take time to adjust to the new sounds around you.  There are many different hearing aid brands, styles, and features which can make it difficult in determining what hearing aid is right for you. Hearing aid comfort can depend on the style and the sound quality of the device. Your healthcare provider can set up a demonstration appointment for you to try out different types of hearing aids in the office. While the hearing aids won’t be custom to your ear canal, this can provide you with the experience you need to become familiar with different types of devices.

Making Sure Your Hearing Aid is Right for You.

  • Try on different styles. Hearing aids come in many different physical styles. Some go behind the ear, some hearing aids go in the ear, and some sit in the ear canal. Try on different types to find the type that is comfortable for you.
  • Listen to your voice and the voices around you. Voices will sound louder after trying on a new hearing aid. To test and compare different hearing aids, try reading the same paragraph of words out loud while wearing each hearing aid to determine which one sounds the best to you. Your voice should be heard easily, should be clear, and should sound natural.
  • Try your hearing aid while talking on the phone. While trying on the hearing aid in the office, you can use your cell phone to listen to a voicemail to test what it would be like listening to someone talk on the phone. You want the hearing aid to provide a clear sound of the noise.
  • Try the hearing aid in different types of environments. Hearing aids usually have different programs for different types of scenarios like quiet, noisy, and outdoors. Try the different settings by talking to the healthcare provider in the quiet room, trying to listen in a loud waiting room, and even going outside to test the hearing aid outdoors.
  • Learn about the battery and how to change it. Different types of hearing aids have different batteries. Most hearing aid batteries can be found at your local convenience stores for easy purchase. Some larger hearing aids have larger batteries that are easier to change and last longer than the smaller hearing aid styles.

The different styles, programs, and abundant hearing aid brands can make choosing the right hearing aid overwhelming. These are steps you can take to determine the best hearing aid style for yourself. Always consult your doctor about their recommendations for your hearing loss.

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