Soundtastic provides affordable and advanced affordable personal sound amplifiers. Our easy to use hearing devices amplify sounds to make hearing simple and discreet. By amplifying the environment around you, you can hear better in a variety of different settings. Visit today for more info and discounts on hearing amplifiers.

You may be asking yourself what are the differences and similarities between Soundtastic hearing amplifiers and other hearing aids? Great question, our hearing devices can be purchased online unlike hearing aids where they need to be sold through an audiologist. In addition, the components found in Soundtastic devices are nearly identical to what is found in Hearing Aids. You also may be asking how much are the costs between both of these two devices? Soundtastic hearing devices are in most cases, 80% less expensive than the average hearing aid, saving you a significant amount of money.

You may be familiar with Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs) or Sound Amplifiers on the market which can be very inexpensive and maybe the last resort for many purchasing a hearing device. Fortunately, Soundtastic hearing amplifiers are considered to be some of the best amplifiers on the market today. Soundtastic outperforms most personal sound amplifiers because our hearing amplifiers are designed and manufactured with the best components and software available for this category of devices. This is why Soundtastic designs, develops and manufactures the Envo & Swan hearing devices.

Difference Between Hearing Amplifiers & Hearing Aids

While television ads have made personal sound amplifiers a tempting purchase, many people have failed to recognize the key differences between hearing amplifiers and hearing aids. Frequency-specific hearing loss is not something that can be mitigated through the amplification of all sound and using an amplifier where a hearing aid should be used can be dangerous.

Many audiologists and organizations have tried to stress the difference between amplifiers and hearing aids. Even the FDA put out a notice warning people that hearing amplifiers are not a replacement for hearing aids.

Despite serving similar purposes, hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are two very different things. Let’s go through what sets these devices apart from one another. Here are a few of the key differences between the two devices, and why hearing aids are probably a safer bet.

Hearing amplifiers vs. hearing aids

Personal sound amplifying products, or PSAPs, are designed to boost environmental hearing for people without hearing loss. They aren’t selective in what sounds they amplify and are commonly used to “keep an ear” on children or babies in another room. They’ve also been advertised to improve sound quality during recreational activities like birdwatching and theatre.

Hearing aids are usually professionally fitted and fine-tuned to the wearer and help mitigate hearing loss by boosting certain frequencies. Amplifiers simply make things louder, regardless of the frequency or volume. While hearing aids are tailored to hard of hearing people, PSAPs are meant to be used by people with a full range of hearing.

While the concept is intriguing, some people began misusing PSAPs as over-the-counter hearing aids. It might seem like an easy way to cut costs and avoid spending money on a certified hearing aid, but audiologists and doctors everywhere have warned against the practice. Hearing aids perform a complex purpose that depends on the wearer, whereas amplifiers boost all sound.

The dangers of hearing amplifiers

Where hearing amplifiers are supposed to be used by people with normal hearing, hearing aids are designed for those with hearing loss. When people use PSAPs to mitigate hearing loss, the problem is not being solved. In fact, the problem isn’t even being recognized. A full audiogram and check-up should be necessary to diagnose hearing loss.

Hearing amplifiers aren’t entirely dangerous on their own. However, people misusing PSAPs is what makes them so harmful. Many consumers might try to use them as hearing aids, which can further damage hearing. While the technology used in hearing amplifiers and hearing aids is similar in some respects, they are two separate devices with different purposes.

Failing to get proper help for hearing loss can lead to further deterioration of a person’s hearing. This can mean the difference between mild and serious hearing loss.

Knowing which one to choose

Before buying a PSAP, it’s recommended that potential buyers invest in a hearing test. If there is a problem with their hearing, an audiogram can help identify it. From there, they can begin considering actual hearing aids, which will solve their problems safely and efficiently.

If you or a loved one is interested in buying a PSAP, have a quick discussion about it. Why are they getting it? If they’re interested solely in birdwatching, theatre, or childcare, they might benefit from using a hearing amplifier sparingly. However, if they are getting a PSAP because they’ve been having trouble hearing, there might be an issue.

While PSAPs might seem similar at first glance they couldn’t be more different. One is meant for recreational use, whereas the other is a recommended treatment for hearing loss. Buying an amplifier instead of a hearing aid might seem like the easy way out, but it might do more harm than good.

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Affordable Personal Sound Amplifiers

Soundtastic makes buying hearing amplifiers online easy! We offer a full 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee and a Free 1-year warranty on all our hearing amplifiers. Soundtastic Hearing Devices will provide you with a truly natural listening experience in any environment you’re in.

Small in Size. Big Boost in Sound. Our precisely engineered hearing amplifiers enhance soft speech while gently compressing loud and annoying noises, providing you with a safe, clear and natural listening experience. Designed for clarity. You will be amazed when using Soundtastic hearing devices.

Soundtastic differentiates itself from many of its competitors by including state of the art components and software. By including these technologies, Soundtastic is able to build in several pre-programmed situational and environmental settings that allow the individual to select from depending on where they’re located. For example, in their living room watching tv, in the outdoors or in a movie theatre. Soundtastic also designs, engineers and assembles our devices here in the US! We don’t need to rely on large manufacturers to purchase from.

One of the most important reasons why Soundtastic was launched is because Legislation was just passed that will allow some manufacturers to sell their hearing devices over the counter. We’re just waiting for the FDA to approve what the exact regulations will be that identify and classify this new category of affordable personal sound amplifiers. One of the reasons, the Government approved this Legislation, was because so many consumers could not afford the costs of hearing aids. Leaving them feeling isolated from their families and communities. With the pending approval of the FDA, these unfortunate scenarios may be avoidable in the near future.

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Affordable Personal Sound Amplifiers

Would you like to better hear your loved ones or even your favorite tv show?  If so, Soundtastic hearing amplifiers are your answer to reconnecting with the world around you. You may be asking yourself if these devices are considered hearing aid? No, Soundtastic devices cannot be labeled as hearing aids. Hearing aids are medical devices, prescribed by hearing health professionals. However, Soundtastic hearing amplifiers have the same state of the art components, cost a fraction of the price of hearing aids and enhance surrounding environmental sounds, just like hearing aids do.

If you’re looking to buy hearing amplifiers easily and safely online, then Soundtastic may be the best choice for you! Soundtastic hearing devices are assembled in the USA with advanced components in order to amplify and enhance sounds around you. We can save you thousands of dollars by providing you with an alternative product that provides as a variety of situational settings you may find yourself in. We are a “best in class” sound amplifier that can compete with most other hearing amplifiers on the market, but cost a fraction of the price!

If you are interested in wondering what different types of sound amplification devices are on the market, more information can be found here at Harbin Clinic. We hope you have found this article helpful in your searching for your own personal hearing amplifier! Come to visit our store online for the best hearing amplifier device on the market at an affordable price.

12 Channels of Layered Noise Reduction

6 Compression Channels

4 Situation Memories

Multi-Function Volume / Memory Button

12 Channels of Gain Digital Sound Processing

100% Advanced Circuitry

Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

12 Channels of Gain Digital Sound processing

100% Advanced Circuitry

Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Powerful Dynamic Contrast Detection

Adaptive Wide Dynamic Range Compression

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Affordable Personal Sound Amplifiers